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E5: Investing in a new future. It’s all about logistics, of course | Career Journeys in Canada

Arnon's company, Mellohawk Logistics Inc., is the realization of an immigrant who never stopped believing he could turn his dream into reality. Although his initial studies in Brazil included Translation and Interpretation, it was an International Business program at Toronto's Seneca College that helped him discover his calling. That led to a 10-year engagement with a German Multinational prior to launching his own successful enterprise.

Reinventing Ourselves: Career Journeys in Canada is a podcast series that showcases real-life stories of people who have successfully reinvented themselves through their careers. People who have overcome adversity found new purpose, explored new horizons, and followed their passion.

This project was made possible through the generous support of Ontario Creates. It is a realization of BRZ Group Inc. Link:


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